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The ophthalmologist from Iran doctor Akhmadali Firdavsi on Wednesday 13- august will visit Ibni Sino's our clinic for reception of patients.

On Wednesday 13- august the current year the known Iranian expert ophthalmologist Akhmadali Firdavsi will begin reception of patients at our in Ibni Sino's clinic.  He is the leading expert of this direction who uses the latest methods. 

In office of ophthalmology of our clinic the following types of treatment the eyes tied with diseases were carried out: cataract, neuroophthalmology, endocrinological disease which arose with influence of an illness of diabetes, far-sightedness and short-sightedness, elimination after operational eye wounds and sight restoration, a retinopathy navzodon and others. The persons suffering with diseases of an eye or, having complaints to sight can register in reception in Ibni Sino's our clinic.







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