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International Clinic Ibn Sina

Experts of a world class in Ibni Sino's Clinic

Dear friends and visitors of our site! Certainly you know that adjustment of contacts and arrival of foreign experts to our clinic was given us not so simply. For this purpose negotiations as a result of which today we have such fine opportunity

how to receive treatment at the best cardiologist Doctor Somi or given endourologist  Sayid Habibulloh Musavibahor were very long and carefully conducted. These and all foreign experts who is visiting our clinic are highly qualified specialists of world level which giving us a brotherhood hand, accepted our offer, and come to our clinic, despite the busy schedule. 

For a minute present that who from you wishes to go to treatment to Germany, Iran, Israel or to any other country. For this purpose you will need a lot of documents, it is a lot of time for preparation for a trip, huge finance (if to consider expenses on the ticket, treatment, stay in other country) and besides there is a lot of efforts. Also you have to consider the stay in other country, a language barrier and many other things what you should face. The Clinic of Ibni Sino which, first of all, to care of yours health, and does for this purpose all necessary, gives you opportunity by means of these experts to receive first of all the correct diagnosis (our many patients before arrival to our clinic faced incorrectly made diagnosis because of what in a consequence faced complications), and only after that high-quality treatment the diseases. Don't miss the chance of receiving qualitative medical care!




Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kholikov Abdukhalil