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   Gynecologists in our clinic - specialists of the highest category  with years of experience who are using the latest tools and laboratory examinations. Latest medical

diagnostic equipment, a huge selection of laboratory tests, ultrasound, and professionalism of our specialists guarantee you a quick and successful treatment.
In our clinic, you can go through the diagnosis and treatment of various gynecological diseases:
- Diseases of the cervix: cervical erosion, ectropion, leukoplaky, polyps and cysts of the cervixI.

Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs: salpingitis, oophoritis, endometritis, cervicitis, colpitis, vulvitis, vulvovaginitis;
- Non-inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs: uterine fibroids, endometriosis (adenomyosis) of the uterus and appendages, endometrial polyps, intrauterine adhesions, adhesions in the pelvis;
-Sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, candidiasis (thrush), gardnerellosis genital herpes.
-Menstrual disorders;
- Diagnosis and treatment of infertility;
-Menopausal problems;
Pregnancy planning.
Selection of contraception, inserting an IUD.
Termination of pregnancy: 
Mini-abortion or vacuum abortion is carried out in the early stages to 5 weeks, lasts only 2-5 minutes, performed under local or full anesthesia, causes no injury cervix.
Medicamental (pharmaceutical) abortion is a safe, non-surgical abortion, carried out in the early stages (6-7 weeks of pregnanmcy) using modern security products registered by Pharmaceutical Committee of the  Ministry of Health of RT and approved for clinical use (Mifegin, Mifepristone, Penkrofton).
Individual program of pregnancy
The clinic is for  mums-to-be to develop an individual program of pregnancy, according to their needs, taking into account the results of the survey. The program provides maximum comfort and convenience for you and your unborn baby, taking into account all features of your body.
A comprehensive program for monitoring and surveys of pregnant women also includes consultation with other specialists: therapist, ophthalmologist, cardiologist.
In a small operating unit  the following operations are carried out:

- Abortion;
- Diagnostic curettage;
- Hysteroscopy;
- Hysterography;
- Hydrotubation;
- Hromosalpingoskopiy;
- Removal of the  Bartholin gland cyst;
- Operation on the external genitals;
- Cut the hymen;
- Biopsy of cervical scraping + cervix;
- Polypectomy;
 -Supracervical hysterectomy;
- Hysterectomy;
- Removal of the uterus and benign tumors of the uterus;
- Laparoscopic surgery: cystectomy, infertility, with an ectopic pregnancy, adhesions in the pelvis, tubektomiya;
- Tuboplasty;
- Plastic surgery on the external genitalia.
Relationship with the doctor is at any time of day.

All visits of personal physician will be drawn at a convenient time for you.

You can always ask your doctor any questions you need.Гинекология-эндоҷарроҳи / Gynecology


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