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International Clinic Ibn Sina

Attention of citizens of the country turns to the Department of Urology of the  Clinic “Ibni Sina”!

   12/27/2012. December 26 at the Department of Urology of the  Clinic “Ibni Sina” they carried out five operations PCNL (percutaneous puncture nephrolithotripsy) on the  patients with renal stones. Because of


the urinoexcretory duct closure ( with a stone)   a patient with a solitary kidney suffered from urinary retention within 1.5 days, which resulted in a total  intoxication. As result of a  30 minute  less traumatic lithotripsy (contact lithotripsy)  the patient's condition  has improved.

Another patient had a lot of stones in both kidneys  ( 25 years ago  a two-way open surgery to remove the stones was carried out on him). Within  half an hour was the same operation has been held, resulting in the patient's condition improved.
Also, on December 27 in this Department  six operations are scheduled : three operations to pin fragmentation and removal of stones, one TURP (transureteral removal of prostate), 1 transurethral lithotripsy and  1pieloplastiya.




Kholikov Abdumuorod