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LLC "Sugurtai Milli"-a new solution in Health Insurance

   In order to improve the social conditions of  the citizens of the country the  CJSC "Dili salt", which is the founder of the Clinic "Ibni Sina", has received a Certificate of Insurance for activities of a new company "Sugurtai Milli."
Individuals, organizations and businesses, according to the Insurance Regulations, may, during the year, use the services of the Clinic after they sign Agreement, choose insurance program,  pay the insurance premium and pass  medical examination.

Insurance premium, according to the first program is 500 (five hundred somoni) TJS, and the second program - 1000 (one thousand somoni), respectively, the amount of insurance will be 5 000 (five thousand) and 12,000 (twelve thousand) somoni.
Thus, each insurer may, within one year after the signing of the contract and selection of  a program, go to the clinic and get the necessary medical treatment within the selected program.
If the cost of medical services (eg, surgery) exceeds the amount of insurance, the insurer will pay the difference between the value of the insured amount and the actual cost of treatment or surgery.
Before the conclusion of  insurance contracts  everyone should receive initial medical examination at the Clinic "Ibni Sina." The cost of the  examination, which consists of clinical and laboratory examinations will provide a 70% discount and payment will be made at the cost of the insured.
The company "Sugurtai Milli" has its  electronic site, which soon will be activated, and everyone will be able to learn more about all the rules of insurance. Presumably by the end of the year, after the completion of the due documents, LLC "Sugurtai Milli" begins to contract.




CEO of Ibnisino
Ali Salomat