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In «Ibni Sina» Hospital another complex operation has been carried out successfully !

   23-1-2013 During the last week in the Department of Urology of the “IbniSina” Clinic more than   25 complex operations were carried out among which there is a number of  PCNL, TURP, TUL, pieroplastik and endoscopic ovarian cystectomy of seed bubble. It should be noted that, of all urological diseases cyst of seed bubble is very rare. After the patient had contacted the Clinic, he was thoroughly examined and using the  unique equipment such as urethroscope (apparatus for examination of the urinary tract) and sonography with the sensor,   a cyst seed bubble was diagnosed. A symptom of this disease is the lack of ejaculation. With the help of resectoskopethe  cyst had been  removed and the patient after a day in a satisfactory condition was discharged.

It should be noted that the above mentioned operation, which was carried out in 30 minutes, is unique in Central Asia .




CEO of Ibnisino
Ali Salomat