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Five complex neurosurgical operations at the “IbniSina”Clinic.

   23-1-2013 With the participation of the  leading Iranian expert Dr. BakhtiyorAbbos in “IbniSina” Clinic  five following composite neurosurgery operations have been carried out: the operation to intervertebral hernia, resection of the cervical spinal cord, the insertion of the plate CD to a patient diagnosed with spondylolysis (instability of the lumbar spine), removal of herniated cervical spine and spinal canal narrowing of the cervical spine, hernia removal overlay KOJE ( artificial intervertebral plate).

 The patient operated on to remove a tumor of the cervical spine,

had been  complaining of fatigue, headaches, dizziness and disorientation when walking. After the inspection and accurate diagnosis had been accomplished the specialists carried out a  complex operation at the cervical vertebrae C1, C2, C3.  The postoperative period of this patient was successful and now he is discharged home in a good condition.




Deputy of CEO for external communication
Zaripov Asadullo