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The percutaneoustransluminalmitral commissurotomywas accomplished in the clinic “IbniSina”

07/02/2013 a 53 year woman with rheumatism, complicated by mitralnarrowing came to the Clinic. Afterthe inspection andappropriate examinationon angiographystenosis ofthe mitral valve andtricuspid valveinsufficiencyfunctionalgradientin pulmonary artery pressure60mm Hg was revealed.That wasan indication formitralcommissurotomy.

commissurotomywas successfully performed thus the mitral valve stenosis was eliminated.
Beforesuchpatients underwentthis surgerythrough athoracotomy,ieopeningthe chest.Such  operationat the ClinicIbniSinahave been successfully carriedout 10 times already.

The patientwas dischargedthe next dayafter surgery.




CEO of Ibnisino
Ali Salomat