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International Clinic Ibn Sina

Endourologist from Iran - Ali Okhanien since Monday will visit our clinic for reception of kidneys suffering by diseases and urine deducing ways




Reception of patients in clinic Ibni Sino Iranian Endourologist will begin Ali Okhanien since June, 23rd. The persons, suffering diseases: an inflammation of genitals (female and man's), a prostatitis, urethritis, a cystitis, various kinds of a pyelonephritis, not obsession or not controllability of urine,

age changes in man's bodies, an adenoma prostates, an andropauza-climax at men, andrological problems, an impotence (erectile dysfunction), barreness, disease peyron (fibroplastical industry a penis), a chronic inflammation in a reproduction control system (stones in urine deducing ways, a deviation in an urine control system) and other diseases connected with a kidney and uric ways can address in our clinic Ibni Sino.







Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kholikov Abdukhalil