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The known expert of neurosurgery of Bakhtieri Abbos from Iran on 25th of June on Wednesday will visit our clinic

Bahtieri Abbos - the known Iranian neurosurgeon since June, 25th in our clinic of signs of patients of illnesses of a backbone needing treatment, hernias of a backbone and other illnesses of nerves. It is necessary to notice that thanks to this expert in нейрохирургическом branch of our clinic numerous operations of nervous system and a backbone which were not spent early in our country are performed. At present, the number of visitors of this branch increases.

 The persons, suffering diseases, nervous system and backbone can be registered by a hernia in advance in our clinic. In neurosurgical branch such kinds of function are spent: operation of nervous system in cases backbone hernias, laminectomy, foraminotomy, discectomy, spondylolisthesis (elimination of a curvature of a backbone by means of CD); spondylosis (elimination of fragility of a backbone by means of CD).







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