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Medical university Hamadan is ready to reception of the Tadjik entrants

If you want to arrive in one of the best HIGH SCHOOLS in medicine sphere: stomatology, pharmaceutics and other directions of medicine such possibility is given to you by medical university Hamadan.

The university is in the city of Hamadan in Islamic republic Iran. The city of Hamadon has green mountain area in foothills of mountain Alvand. There the mausoleum of healer Abuali Ibni Sino - the greatest doctor in the world is located. Great doctors from every corner of the globe come in Hamadon for mausoleum pilgrimage.


Let's notice that the monument of sacred Mirsaida Ali Hamadoni is in Tajikistan the city of Kulyab which is considered a place of pilgrimage for enamoured. The cities of Kulyab and Hamadon for each other are brothers. In the city of Hamadon there is a prospectus named in honour of Kulyab as in Kulyab there is a prospectus in honour of Hamadon.

Medical university Hamadon is considered one of historical HIGH SCHOOLS of Iran. At it 7 institutes function: medical business, pharmaceutics, nurse business, obstetrics, sanitary, physiotherapy (roentgenology), resuscitation where are trained five thousand students.

The university opens the doors to reception of entrants from Tajikistan with whom Iran has the friendly, brotherly relation.

For reception of the full information and registration in university you can address to Clinic Ibni Sino in a city of Dushanbe, or can call: 446400115, 446400127, or visit our web site: 





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