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New opportunities to make you beautiful and unique

Plastic surgery department of Clinic Ibn Sino presents to you new types of service. Now, owing to the latest equipment you had a fine chance to improve the appearance and to eliminate details not arranging you, (undesirable birthmarks, the nose structure, undesirable hair on different sites of a body) which tormented you throughout all your life.

 By means of highly qualified foreign specialists in our clinic you will be able to update face skin, to make Botox, lifting, tightening, to remove black points and spots on a face and to make still many other things for improvement of your appearance. Besides, in plastic surgery department of Clinic Ibn Sino which is equipped with necessary technology of the European standard you can to carry out hydrotherapy sessions, a vitaminizing and rejuvenescence to skin. Important moment is by helps of equipments in the beginning the Plastic surgeon will define type of your skin and its feature and only after it will choose the method of treatment most suitable for you, from among laser therapy, hydrotherapy, a microtherm or other methods.

As shared in conversation with us the Iranian specialist of this department Bunafsha Haydari in plastic surgery department of Clinic Ibn Sino, also eliminate consequences of varicose expansion of veins of feet and your feet again become beautiful.




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