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Our heart needs care

Unfortunately, recently in our country of a heart trouble and vessels began to be high on the list on incidence frequency. Now the huge number of aged people of 30-40 years and senior suffers from such diseases. It is explained by features of a rhythm of life, and also mass character of the stressful situations arising daily. At this age of people is in the developed heavy chaos in which is exposed to many stressful situations: household life, providing family, pit, age,

society, modern innovation, education of children (especially teenagers), etc. All these experiences first of all influence our heart about which we shouldn't forget. Very often cardiovascular diseases develop slowly therefore a long time can remain unnoticed. Often that learns heart troubles of people from it suddenly when already late to undertake something for pathology prevention. Heart attack is an example. Heart troubles often call "silent murderers" who begin asymptomatic or have almost inaudible signs. Only early diagnostics of cardiovascular violations, allows eliminating them without consequences for the patient. The started states lead to irreversible consequences which forever remain with the person and won't allow conducting full-fledged healthy life. Knowing, what early symptoms of beginning pathology of heart, it is possible to address in due time to the doctor and to prevent irreversible changes. After all finding for enough time to the health and being observed at experts, it is possible to minimize risks of aggravation of violations and to live long, happy life! The cardiologist is engaged in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of such diseases, as a sharp myocardial infarction, stenocardia, chronic coronary heart disease, rhythm violations, arterial hypertension and others. Our questions of why the person has to pass routine inspection at the cardiologist were answered by the specialist in warmly vascular diseases, the cardiologist of Clinic Ibni Sino Nugmanovna Munira Mukhammadzhanovna.

- Even if you were disturbed never by cardiac pains, you are recommended to seem to the cardiologist for the sake of prevention. The cardiologist appoints to you to make the blood test on sugar level, the biochemical analysis of blood, the analysis on cholesterol, the load test for identification of coronary heart disease and echocardiogram. The cardiology department of Clinic Ibni Sino is equipped with the latest medical equipment for exact diagnosing of patients with warmly - vascular diseases and their treatments.

It should be noted that if you already have heart troubles, consult to the cardiologist how it is frequent to you it will be necessary to visit him. Probably, many people are absolutely sure that they are healthy and with heart at them everything is all right, and they could ask a question: Why I have to pass routine inspection at the cardiologist?

Because with age risk factors which promote development of warmly vascular diseases, increase.

- What it are factors?

- There are a lot of them. But generally these factors share on two categories: to Correction and not Correction factors. Corrigan factors, it is those factors which corrections give in, they can be avoided and they depend on each person. It treats harmful addictions, such as smoking, alcohol; also heart is influenced by a stress, excess weight and unhealthy food.

Not Correction factors, it is heredity, a sex, age. After forty, as a result of a hypodynamia all this collecting has an effect. The risk of emergence of heart diseases at this age increases.

- When experts advise men after forty to address to the cardiologist, it can do, will mark, what the young don't suffer from a heart trouble, certainly if it not congenital pathology?

- On the basis of coronary heart disease atherosclerosis of coronary arteries lies. In recent years for various reasons there is such tendency that the heart trouble looked younger. Well, there is no one obvious and only reason, here besides a set of the factors interconnected among themselves. It is heredity, high level of cholesterol in blood … Also there is an arterial hypertension. That is pressure has to be in norm and not higher than 120 on 80. There was a case when brought the 22-year-old guy with sharp heart failure, and in our clinic it was given necessary help.

- At what symptoms of people has to address to the cardiologist first of all?

- At any pain behind a breast it is necessary to exclude cardiac pathology first of all. For some reason many think that time heart to be in the left side, only at pain in the left side it is necessary to address to the cardiologist. Though heart of the person is located in a chest cavity asymmetrically and in norm, the right third of heart is located on the right, and the left two thirds – to the left of the middle plane of a body. With back surface heart at lies to a diaphragm and from all directions it is surrounded by lungs. Many people, who have a thorax pain, go from one expert to another, think that it is lungs, a stomach, a gullet, anything, only not heart. Though at heart attacks as you know, time plays against the patient and the timely address to the doctor plays the main role in treatment of the patient, and sometimes even in rescue of his life. Therefore the first symptom of pathology and a heart trouble is for grudinny pain, which is a signal of that with your heart not everything is good. We remind you once again, at what symptoms it is necessary to address to the cardiologist:

• Painful feelings in a thorax at the left, behind a breast or under the shovel, especially arising at physical activity;

• Fast or slow heart beat;

• Unclear warm interruptions;

• Sinking heart;

• Discomfort in a thorax;

• shortness;

• Feeling of shortage of air;

• Increase of arterial pressure, etc.

For this reason specialists of our Clinic Ibni Sino recommend to visit once a year without fail the doctor of the cardiologist who will take only hour of your time. In case of the detection, any shortcomings our skilled doctors will help you to recover medicinal methods without surgical interventions. Therefore without starting your illness or suspicion on it in time better to address to the expert. After all, how to be spoken: "It is easier to prevent an illness, than to treat it". We are obliged to take care of our heart!




Kholikov Abdumuorod