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The Iranian plastic surgeon Mukhammadi Bekhruz will visit Clinic Ibn Sino


To women who wants to be beautiful.

To men who want to change something in the appearance (to correct a shape of a nose, ears, to replace the head hair …)

To women who want to clean excess fat from a stomach and other parts of a body.

Lifting, Botox, hydrotherapy and rejuvenation of skin, removal of spots and black points from a face and many other things became possible with arrival of the outstanding Iranian plastic surgeon Mukhammadi Bekhruz.

Mukhammmadi Bekhruz since October 5 will start reception of patients in clinic Ibn Sino and you not enough time for making an appointment to this great expert. Hurry up! You should use chance to make oneself the most beautiful and lovely!




Chairman of the Board of Directors
Kholikov Abdukhalil