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International Clinic Ibn Sina


  • The next reception of the Iranian endourology of Musavibakhor in the Clinic Ibn Sino

    Thursday, November 6 professional Iranian endourology Sayed Habibullah Musavibakhor will begin accepting patients in Clinic Ibn Sino. The people suffering from kidney stones and other types of urological diseases, will be able to pre-enroll in Clinic Ibn Sino. Take the opportunity which provides Clinic Ibn Sino and extracted arrival of such highly skilled doctors of the world level which is endourology Musavibakhor.

  • The Iranian ophthalmologist of Ahmadali Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino

    On Thursday, October 30 a Doctor Akhmadaly Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino, who is the skilled expert in the field of ophthalmology and he has broad experience in conservative and physiotherapeutic treatment of the following diseases:

    - Phacoemulsification (cataract removal with the subsequent implantation of an artificial lens).

    - Squint operation of eye muscles (strabismus).

  • The neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori will visit our Clinic of Ibni Sino

    The next visit of the Iranian neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori on Sunday, October 12 will give the opportunity to perform such complex operations as backbone hernia, a laminectomy, a foraminotomy, a discectomy; spondylolisthesis (eliminating the curvature of the spine using a CD), spondylolis (eliminating the fragility of the spine using CD) and other types of neurosurgical surgery.


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Plastic Surgery Department

   In that Department  equipped with advanced equipment  domestic and foreign experts, accomplish the following operations of  beauty and plastic operations:
-Head hair transplant ( restoration of the bald part of  head);
-Eyebrow hair transplantation;
-Introduction of Botox and gel;
Bleforoplastics is plastic

surgery in which excess fatty tissue is removed at the lower and upper eyelid. In addition to adipose tissue in some cases  sagging skin is removed.
Mesotherapy-head and hair is a technique that aims to eliminate and correct the deficiencies of face or body. Often the cause is not flaws on the surface of the skin, but inside it, and they cannot be eliminated only with cosmetic. Skin rejuvenation is much more effective if it affects the subcutaneous fat.;
-Plazmoterapiya, intradermal injection is the "plasma concentrate." The introduction of plasma is safe because we use the patient's own blood, and therefore there is no risk of allergy, infection or rejection of the drug.
-Breast Implants - a cosmetic surgery on the breast, which is to change its shape and (or) change the size of the breast (increase or decrease).
Otoplast-  plastic surgery to correct the ears, which is carried out at irregular shape of ears and droopy ears.
-Facelift is a popular contemporary technology used to rejuvenation person ie tummy muscles and skin.
-Rhinoplasty is a correction of congenital or acquired deformities of the nose, aesthetic, affecting the shape of the nose (nasal changes, crook, with a wide, wide or long tip), a violation of nasal breathing, abnormal change in the sinuses, deviated septum.
-Abdominoplasty is surgical operation aimed to recreate the natural forms of the stomach, that is, removal of skin sagging abdominal wall with the presence of stretch marks in the lower abdomen, remove skin and fat folds in the lower abdomen, strengthening muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

The  above operations are the latest techniques and European level and aim to fix and restore your appearance.


Deputy of general director for treatment
Boboaliev Sarkhadjon