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Феҳристи хидматрасониҳои тиббӣ ва нархи онҳо


  • The next reception of the Iranian endourology of Musavibakhor in the Clinic Ibn Sino

    Thursday, November 6 professional Iranian endourology Sayed Habibullah Musavibakhor will begin accepting patients in Clinic Ibn Sino. The people suffering from kidney stones and other types of urological diseases, will be able to pre-enroll in Clinic Ibn Sino. Take the opportunity which provides Clinic Ibn Sino and extracted arrival of such highly skilled doctors of the world level which is endourology Musavibakhor.

  • The Iranian ophthalmologist of Ahmadali Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino

    On Thursday, October 30 a Doctor Akhmadaly Firdavsi will visit the Clinic of Ibn Sino, who is the skilled expert in the field of ophthalmology and he has broad experience in conservative and physiotherapeutic treatment of the following diseases:

    - Phacoemulsification (cataract removal with the subsequent implantation of an artificial lens).

    - Squint operation of eye muscles (strabismus).

  • The neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori will visit our Clinic of Ibni Sino

    The next visit of the Iranian neurosurgeon Abbos Bakhtiyori on Sunday, October 12 will give the opportunity to perform such complex operations as backbone hernia, a laminectomy, a foraminotomy, a discectomy; spondylolisthesis (eliminating the curvature of the spine using a CD), spondylolis (eliminating the fragility of the spine using CD) and other types of neurosurgical surgery.


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Details Price without VAT 18% VAT Price with VAT With the program "AMAL"
The removal  of a backbone hernia 9746  1754  11500  10350
Elimination of hernia between two vertebra 10979  1976  12955  11660
Elimination of hernia between three vertebra 12212  2198  14410  12969
Elimination of hernia in the neck 18505  3330  21835  19652
Removing the plate  from the spine 9746  1754  11500  10350
Insert the CD plate to the disease 19851  3572  23423  21081
Insert the CD plate to the Listed disease 20431  3676  24107  21696
Elimination of the tumor in the neck 15691  2824  18515  16664
Insert the CD plate to the disease 17543  3157  20700  18630
Insert the CD plate to the Listed disease 17543  3157  20700  18630


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Kholikov Abdukhalil